• GSACS Spelling Bee Winners: Congratulations to ...

    • Gabriel Pierre for 4th place (1st grade)
    • Annabelle Hui for 3rd place tie (2nd grade)
    • Alexa DeBoer for 3rd place tie (2nd grade)
    • Lianna Roy for 1st place (4th grade)
    • Logan Marine for 2nd place (6th grade)
    • Lizzy Vazquez for 3rd place (High School)
    • Johnny Pankratz for 1st place (High School) 
  • Congratulations to Danika Nicolas for 2nd place in the NJ Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Art Contest!

  • Congratulations to Halee Roy for 3rd place in the NJ Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Art Contest!

  • Congratulations to Anli Liu for 3rd place in the Garden State Association of Christian Schools Middle School Poetry and Essay Contest!

  • Walkathon Pledges: Thank you to all of you who have given your support to our annual Walkathon. We praise the Lord for the donations. So far, we have been able to purchase the following:

    • Two Automated External Defibrillators
    • Athletic Uniforms
    • Additional risers for the Christmas and Spring programs along with rails 
    • Classroom tables
    • We are hoping to fund other projects, but not all donations have been collected yet. So, please reach out to your donors if you have not collected all of your donations. 
    • Donations may be brought in to the school or mailed directly to us (Parsippany Christian School, P.O. Box 5365, Parsippany, N.J. 07054).
    • Each student whose family was able to raise $100+ will be taken out to lunch in February. Thanks for your hard work!
  • STORMY WEATHER: With the winter months approaching, you will receive a call from the Honeywell Instant Alert System with school closings and/or altered hours due to inclement weather. 

    • Please make sure your contact information is accurate. You may log into your profile and make changes at
    • Keep in mind you can sign-up to receive text and email alerts as well. This is helpful in case you miss the phone call.
    • Please be aware, we have students from Landing to Hackensack. This spans a wide area of Northern N.J. You might not have as much snow as others, but we must take into consideration ALL students when deciding closings and delays. Thank-you!

Credit Card Purchases 

Parsippany Christian School would like to announce that we are now able to accept credit cards in the office. Since this is a new option, we are still working out some details. At this time, we are able to accept credit cards in order to pay for tuition or any other FACTS related charges, gym clothes, and ShopRite gift cards. 

-There will be a 2.75% Processing fee for any purchases relating to FACTS or gym clothes. 

-A 1.50% Processing Fee will be charged for any purchases relating to ShopRite gift cards. This means P.C.S. is absorbing 1.25% of the Processing Fee thus decreasing our donation from ShopRite. So, we still encourage purchasing ShopRite gift cards via cash if possible.

At this time, we are not able to take any Chip Cards. We are looking into being able to accept chip cards in the future.

    About Us

    Since 1970, Parsippany Christian School has been one of the key ministries of Parsippany Baptist Church. Conveniently located near the junctions of Route 10, 46, 80, and 287 in Morris County in Northern N.J., Parsippany Christian currently consists of about 164 students. Our goal is to assist and thus to partner with parents in their biblical role of both academic and spiritual education by offering a superior core education that encompasses both in a Christian worldview. Our faculty is dedicated to both sound academic instruction as well as to godly mentorship. The end goal is to train the next generation of Christian young people who will demonstrate biblical wisdom by surrendering their lives to the will of God and who will serve as a witness and testimony for Him in their community whether that be in the secular workforce or in full-time ministry.


    For Your Information

    **ShopRite Gift Cards:  If you shop at ShopRite you can support our PTF with the purchase of ShopRite gift cards.  Gift Cards are now available in the school office.

    **Stop and Shop wants to give our school $$$! All you need to do is go on their website: and register your card number with their A+ School Rewards program. The identification number for PCS is 40155.  

    **School Sweatshirts, Fleeces, Sweaters are now available via Lands End. So, they can be purchased at any time. Please be reminded that our uniform policy only allows a School sponsored sweatshirt, fleece, or sweater. School-sponsored items purchased in the past will have either the embroidered Patriot logo or the embroidered School logo.

    **Sweaters can be bought from anywhere, but they should be plain navy, red, or white without any type of logo, except if it is the School logo.