Please note the following announcements for the week of January 21-25: 

  • First, due to the extreme cold of today (January 21) and into tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22, students will be allowed to use the Color Day Dress Code for Tuesday only. Students may wear any color as long as they follow the guidelines of Color Day. Here is a reminder of the guidelines.
    • You may wear sweatpants, pants, or athletic pants.
    • All sweatpants, pants, and athletic pants should be loose fitting.
    • Any skirts or dresses worn over leggings should still be to the knee.
    • All Shirts/T-Shirts and/or Sweatshirts should be modest, i.e. loose fitting and no v-cuts or other low-cuts.
    • No Jeans, i.e. pants with rivets
    • No Stretch Pants/Leggings
    • No Writing on the Back of Sweats/Shorts/Pants
    • No Inappropriate Writing on Shirts/Sweatshirts
  • Second, the 2nd quarter ended this past Friday. Teachers are required to finalize and post grades by the end of this week. If you notice your child is missing work, please have them complete the assignments by Thursday morning so teachers can grade and enter them into the system. 
  • Third, please continue to collect the pledges from your Walkathon sponsors. We will be having the reward meals for those families who raised $100 during the month of February. 


About Us

Since 1970, Parsippany Christian School has been one of the key ministries of Parsippany Baptist Church. Conveniently located near the junctions of Route 10, 46, 80, and 287 in Morris County in Northern N.J., Parsippany Christian currently consists of about 75 students in combined classes of PK-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th, 9th-10th, 11th-12th. Our goal is to assist and thus to partner with parents in their biblical role of both academic and spiritual education by offering a superior core education that encompasses both in a Christian worldview. Our faculty is dedicated to both sound academic instruction as well as to godly mentorship. The end goal is to train the next generation of Christian young people who will demonstrate biblical wisdom by surrendering their lives to the will of God and who will serve as a witness and testimony for Him in their community whether that be in the secular workforce or in full-time ministry.



  • Please consider helping us spread the word regarding PCS. Here are some ways you can help. 
    • Recently, we delivered school flyers to most of your churches in the Morris county area. Please grab some of those flyers and hand deliver them to some of your fellow church members. If your church did not receive flyers, please stop by the office to grab some. You may want to call ahead so we can ensure we have enough printed.
    • If you think your church might be open to allowing us setup a small table with a display for the School on a Sunday or a mid-week service, would you please consider talking to your Pastor to see if this would be a possibility and then pass along contact information to the office. 
    • We also have some flyers available outside the school office to be posted in public places such as libraries, stores, etc. Would you be willing to ask permission to post one in some of these places? Please be sure to get permission first.
    • Please consider joining our Facebook page. Then, "like" and more importantly share our posts so others will see as well.

General School and Athletic Calendar

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