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Patriot Life

Patriot Life

At Parsippany Christian, we realize that school is more than books and grades. School involves the arts, sports, class trips, and the development of social skills. In this section you will find information about our extra-curricular activities.

Senior High Back-to-School Retreat

Every year, the high school starts off the new school year with the Back-to-School Retreat. It is a time of meeting new people, bonding with old friends, and growing in the Lord.

Class Trips

Every grade takes field trips that add to the educational experience of PCS. Whether its the 4th grade visiting the arboretum for the afternoon or the Junior and Senior classes visiting Washington D.C. for three days, all class trips are well-supervised and interesting.

Academic Events

Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, History Fair, Science Fair, G.S.A.C.S. Academic Day Competition, and American Christian Honor Society

P.C.S. participates in a number of academic competitions and awards ceremonies throughout the year in order to push our students to excellence and to recognize their efforts. Parents are welcome to attend these events.
Academic Day is one of the highlights of the year for both Junior and Senior High Students. It is the state competition for academics and fine arts. Students have the opportunity to compete in everything from photography and drama to math and science. 

Christmas, Valentine's (M.S.), and Junior/Senior

P.C.S. hosts a number of banquets for both students and teachers throughout the year. Many of the banquets are run by students. These banquets provide opportunities for students to improve their social skills and enjoy good Christian fellowship.


Everyone at P.C.S. has the opportunity to be involved in choir. In the elementary it is part of the required curriculum. At the middle and high school level, P.C.S. participates in state competitions.


Band is offered to students from 4th grade thru high school. The bands participates in several concerts throughout the year along with the choir. The high school band also competes in the state competition every year.


Art is also available to every student at PCS. The elementary students participate in an art class once a week. Junior and Senior High students have the opportunity to register for an optional art class. Students are invited to enter their works in state competitions with the possibility of being sent to the Nationals A.A.C.S competition at Bob Jones University. 

Piano and Voice

We have several highly qualified piano and voice teachers available to teach at the school after school is dismissed. Please contact the office if you are interested in piano lessons.