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Miss Patricia Brown

                          October 15-19
                 Homework for 5-8 grades     
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Miss Brown's Biography
Patricia Brown teaches English for the middle school.Patricia is committed to teaching kids to think on their own. She wants kids to "know why they believe what they believe, not just what a teacher says." She believes in the power of God to change lives, and she wants to be a vital part of teaching children for the Kingdom of God. Patricia came to PCS with 14 years of experience. She has a B.A. in Education from Paterson State College and a B.A..in Christian Education from Bryan College. She has over 30 years of  teaching experience. Patricia has been certified by the AACS.

Miss Brown's Profile


Bryan College/Paterson State College


B.A. in Education


AACS; New Jersey State Certification 

 Years at PCS






973 934-3561

Life Verse

Ps. 16:11

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading 7/8 Teaching help 2 F

Read pp. 132-136ChapelVocab terms 2 A Quiz

Teaching help 2 G
Read pp. 138-142

Vocab 2 B

English 6Spelling pp. 16-17

English p. 48;The Sentences
Review for English TestEnglish Test,Today

Creative Writing
Spelling Test

English p.52

Write Spelling words list 9

Write poem
p. 71 

Reading 5/6
Wksht. vocab 6

Wkbk. pp. 51-52
Wkbk. pp. 53-54Read pp. 138-142

Skill pp. 240-241

Read pp. 142-147


Handwriting L. 10

Spelling p. 16-17

English p. 45;B-C
English p. 47Study Spelling L.7Spelling Test

English p. 49

Write Spelling list 9
English p. 51

English pp. 64-65;A-HReview for Test

Spelling p. 15
Study Spelling Spelling Quiz 

English p.68;C
Spelling List 8
Write poem p. 69

Jr. and Sr. 
Sr. High Health Lesson 3No Class,
"A" Group