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Mrs. Rebecca Young

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Mrs. Young's Biography

Mrs. Young has taught at PCS for 25+ years. She has 35+ years of teaching experience. She is responsible for the higher levels of secondary math, and she serves as the school librarian. She loves teaching at a Christian school because of the emphasis which places God at the center of our life and education, just as He ought to be. The Christian school works with Christian parents to educate their children to live God-honoring lives that bring glory to Him in every area of life. Mrs. Young has a B.A. in Mathematics & B.S. in Mathematics Education from the University of Minnesota and an A.M.L.S. from The University of Michigan. Also, she has completed course work from Grace College, the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music, Moody Bible Institute, and William Tyndale College.

Mrs. Young's Profile


Univ. Minnesota

Univ. Michigan


U MN - B.A. Mathematics

U MN - B.S. Mathematics Education

U MI - A.M.L.S.

 Years at PCS





Life Verses

John 3:16-18; Proverbs 3:5-6


Week of 


10 - 14






Math 7

Period 3

Lesson 49 all Lesson 50 all Investigation 5 & study for TEST 9 on ThursdayFinish Investigation 5

Lesson 51 all 

Math 8A

Period  4

Lessons 103 - 104 all :Lesson 105 - 106 allTEST 22 over lessons 1 - 88

Lessons 107 - 108Lessons 109 - 110 
Math 7R
Period 4

Lesson 25 all 

Lesson 26 all  TEST 4 over Lessons 1 - 20  Lesson 27 all

Lesson 28 all


Miscellaneous Class Notes