Thank you so much for enrolling your child at Parsippany Christian. We appreciate the sacrifice you make on behalf of your children. We know in today's economy it is difficult to make this sacrifice. However, we would like to encourage and remind you of the eternal and redemptive value of this decision. Nothing is more important than your child's spiritual welfare. No amount of riches or fame can equate to your child's salvation and to rewards laid up in heaven for a life lived in faithfulness to our Lord! When days are bleak and difficult and when finances are tight, keep these truths in mind. Our teachers make a similar sacrifice because they believe educating our children with a biblical worldview is more important than financial security. For more words of encouragement, please see our Missions Statement, Philosophy of Education, and Goals & Objectives.

        This section of our website is specifically designed to put into one place all of the information important to you so that you do not need to go hunting and pecking to find it. More and more, we will be relying on this section of our website to publish important information. Please come back and visit often. Please feel free to make suggestions on what you would like to see available here on the website. You can do so by filling out the questionnaire on the Contact Us page or by contacting the office.