Here at PCS, the purpose of Parent Teacher Fellowship is to encourage and facilitate parents to participate in promoting school activities. The PTF is dedicated in enhancing fellowship between PCS parents and PCS faculty.

The PTF assists in coordinating fund raising activities for the school and to provide financial support for the school's various material needs. Some of these programs along with other PTF are listed below and it would greatly help the school and our kids if you can participate or help in any other way possible.

ShopRite Gift Cards

Purchase ShopRite gift cards from school office. ShopRite will donate $5 to the school for every $100 spent.

Soup Label and Box top program

Once again, our school will be participating in the Campbell’s labels and General Mills box top programs. All you have to do is save labels and box tops and drop them off at school office. There is also an online Box Tops Marketplace and Box Tops for Education Visa card. Both programs earn funds for our school. For more info on these programs go online at

Teacher Appreciation Day

It’s not too early to plan for this special day for our Teachers. Each year we do something special for our teachers like a Dinner at a restaurant. If you would like to volunteer for heading it up this year please contact Gretel Kennif.

Christmas Holiday Boutique

During the Christmas season we setup boutique shops in the Gym so that the kids can get gifts for their loved ones. Please contact Gretel Kenniff for more details.

Room Parents

Each class needs parent volunteers to assist the teachers in their day to day activities. Please sign up to be a room parent. For further information contact Gretel Kennif.

Lost and Found

This is a fact. Kids lose stuff every day at school. These lost items are placed in bins and kept near the Gym. If you notice that something was missing please check these bins first. If no one claims these items for a period they will be donated.

Secondhand Uniform Swap

Used school uniforms are available in the foyer area for free. Please pick up or leave them at your convenience.

Used Clothes collection

We have a year-round clothing collection program. Two large bins are at the back of the school parking lot for your donations. Contents will be picked up weekly or biweekly depending on the need. Support our school by donating your used clothing anytime of the year.







In Christ

Your PTF President

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