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 Parsippany Christian School began as a ministry of Parsippany Baptist Church in 1970. The school is regulated by Parsippany Baptist’s deacon board which also serves as Parsippany Christian’s school board. As well, with a congregational church government, Parsippany Christian is accountable to the church members of Parsippany Baptist Church.

Parsippany Christian is located near the junctions of Route 80, 46, 10, and 202. This central location along with its quality education has enabled P.C.S. to attract students from all over the Northern New Jersey area including Morris, Essex, Sussex, and Passaic counties. 

Our facilities consist of an elementary wing, M.S. and H.S. wing, large auditorium, library, kitchen, full-sized gymnasium, and playground. For soccer, Parsippany Christian has access to Parsippany Township’s soccer fields. For technology, students have access to a 23 station computer lab with Microsoft Office and internet access. We have a full-functioning science lab and an art room.


The End Product

Vision Statement

It is our prayer that our students will demonstrate Christlike attitudes, words, and actions. Therefore, it is our vision that our students demonstrate the ability to live out Biblical wisdom in their academic, physical, social, and spiritual lives. It is then, and only then, that our students will experience true success as seen in the eyes of God.

Luke 2:52

Our desire is to see our students become well-rounded in four areas. In fact, these four areas have been incorporated into our school seal. Following the pattern of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we want to see student grow in wisdom (academic, the fine arts, and spiritual), stature (physical growth, i.e. athletics and health), and in favor with God (spiritual again) and in favor with man (citizenship and interpersonal skills with peers and authority figures).

Disciples of Christ

In its simplest form, a disciple is a student, a learner. As a Christian educational institution, it is our goal to produce academic disciples and spiritual disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, parents must realize we are deeply concerned for the salvation and spiritual condition of your child.

To be a learner and thus a disciple of Christ requires discipline. One cannot learn from or imitate the master without hard work. Discipline carries both a positive as well as a negative connotation. It is positive when it is centered around bringing about a desired end, i.e. learning something. In other words, if someone wants to be a better athlete, musician, artist, or student, no one needs to convince them to shoot more hoops, to practice more piano, to paint more paintings, or to study harder, i.e. the desire to learn comes naturally.

The child, or student, will work hard without any prompting. As such, students who refuse to work, whether it be academically or spiritually, will naturally struggle at P.C.S. because learning, by its very nature, requires discipline even from those with learning difficulties. On that note, we do understand some students may have academic limitations. However, we have also found that when these students are motivated to work hard, they too can be successful. Secondly, discipline is negative when it requires disciplinary action. As mentioned earlier underneath admonishing every man, this too is a vital part of the educational process. In fact, Proverbs describes a fool as one who is unwilling to be corrected. This requires humility and maturity. However, the end result of both forms of discipline is eternally rewarding.