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There are many things I learned at PCS that I did not take advantage of while I was there. I personally did not care enough while I was attending school at PCS. Because I had no drive at the time does not mean that I didn’t learn how to properly; study, plan, and apply myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard peers complain about note taking, study material, or work load, while I feel like it’s easy in comparison to Mrs. Thibault’s science notes, Mr. Detwiler’s classes, or Mrs. Young’s accounting class.
In addition to preparing students for college, PCS teaches from a biblical viewpoint. Going to a public college has allowed me to see how important that truly is and shows me how much I miss the influence and guidance of the teachers and being taught from a view that I believe in. I only wish I had taken advantage of what I had access to.  
After going to a public college for almost two years, I’ve realized how much I had enjoyed the environment as well as how prepared I was for college. Because of the fundamentals I had learned at PCS, I have been able to excel at my college now and apply what I learned there to how I work now.


Throughout my many years at PCS, I never fully appreciated the quality of education I was receiving until I started applying to colleges in my senior year.

As I passed throughout high school, my class size diminished each year due to students transferring to public high schools for more extracurricular activities and other academic programs to enhance their college resumes.  

Exclusive to PCS is the extremely low student-to-faculty ratio and private learning environment.  It is no secret that our school is small, but this aspect is actually translated into a huge blessing-at least that is what I have found this year.  It is evident that the teachers at this school care about each student individually (both academically and spiritually).  I believe this, along with God's power, is the reason I am in the position I am in today.


In the fall I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania on a full academic and financial aid scholarship.  While at Penn, my entire tuition, room and board, meals, and even travel expenses are completely paid for by the university because of both my scholarships.  The University of Pennsylvania, a member of the Ivy League, accepted only 9.9% of applicants for the Class of 2018.  I was accepted into the School of Nursing which is currently tied with Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University for the top nursing program in the United States.  When I first applied to Penn, I never imagined myself being selected from 37,788 applicants to attend the Ivy League university, but because of my strong educational background and detailed resume, I was actually among the top 300 students in the admitted class of 3,551 students.


While my classmates left PCS during high school in an attempt to build their resumes, I took advantage of what PCS had to offer me.  While it is true that other schools have more variety of both academic and extracurricular choices, most of us fail to realize the quality of the opportunities offered at PCS.  

During my years at PCS, I was able to participate in two varsity sports, choir, art, home economics, student government, and numerous community service projects-those alone are enough to strengthen any college resume.  It was because of everything I had done in PCS up to that point-the advanced classes I took, the activities I became involved in, etc.-that I was able to successfully create a solid college resume.


PCS has pushed me to become the student I am today, and if I was placed in a public school, I would have never received that attention and support that PCS gives to each individual student.  

Unlike public schools, the faculty wishes to see their students strive for success in every opportunity that the Lord grants them.  However, opportunity is what you make of it, and PCS has given me the availability of opportunities that allowed me to achieve what I have today.


Parsippany Christian School prepared me for college both spiritually and academically by means of the faculty/staff, the atmosphere, and the academic standards.  As a freshman at Liberty University I find myself very well prepared for all of my classes (ranging from Bible, English, and math classes to economic, sociology, and accounting classes) as much of them are simply review to me.  At PCS I was pushed by all of my teachers to perform to the best of my abilities.  The faculty does so by relating to the students on a personal level and truly displaying God’s love to each and every student.  Most importantly, I was educated in Biblical principles in my time at PCS.  Students there will learn how to live a life pleasing to the Lord and be prepared to go out into the world and serve Him.  A Christian education is an extremely important foundation for a child who grows up to be devoted to Christ and Parsippany Christian School will definitely provide a child with this education.  By just being present at PCS, you will understand that God is truly the center of the atmosphere.  Students at Parsippany Christian School will have an advantage in their collegiate life as well as their future career and life by being motivated to succeed for the Lord in their spiritual and academic lives.  I am extremely qualified for my college studies so far and I have PCS to thank for that!


PCS has done so much for me. I will forever cherish the time I spent there. I learned so much in my thirteen years there, not just academically, but also spiritually. I have been able to maintain friendships with many teachers and former classmates. I love to go back and visit and hear from former teachers that they are still praying for me. It really means a lot. The fact that they care so much just goes to show their character and how much they care about their students. The lessons I was able to learn through my classes, extracurricular activities and sports teams will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel that PCS prepared me very well for college. Since I graduated in the spring of 2011, I have been able to complete enough credits to be considered a college junior, even though I have only completed three semesters so far. I would not trade my experiences at PCS for anything. I am truly blessed to have been able to attend  such a wonderful school. The experiences I had there will stay with me and impact me forever. Thank you PCS for providing me with a great education and relationships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Parsippany Christian School was certainly a help to me for academic success. The teachers there taught me relevant facts, good study habits, and provided any help that was needed for learning. They taught me how to write efficiently, how to properly research accurate information on my own, and how to apply what I learned in the classroom to life. In so many of my classes we were taught more than just facts. We were taught the connections between all of the subjects, and we received the tools to connect information together and to think critically.


Parsippany Christian School has helped me academically, and it has also helped me to grow spiritually. All of the teachers and staff were always there to counsel me and lead me to biblical truths. My Bible teachers taught me not only biblical truths but also how to search for truth myself in God's Word and to apply that truth to my life. In Christian love, they challenged me to grow in my spiritual walk.


“This is a mistake.  I’ll never fit in…” was one of my first thoughts when my parents told me I would be attending a small Christian school where everyone was required to wear weird uniforms.  They were tearing me away from all my friends I had made in public school and sending me to a place where I knew no one.  “We have to pray?  We have to listen to sermons? What?”


Well, I was right.  I didn’t fit in.  Most of the other kids were Christians, and I hardly knew the meaning of the word.  So was it a mistake?  Absolutely not!  My parents definitely made the godly decision to send me to PCS.  It changed my life.  I can honestly say, even to this day, that if my parents had never sent me to PCS, there is a strong possibility I would not be who I am now—a saved woman trying to follow God.  Does that mean everything was or is perfect?  Of course not!  What school is?  But I ask you to consider this…


As a former public school student and currently a secular college student, you may wonder...do I personally notice any difference?  Well, let me be frank with you.  If you love teachers who actually care about their students and spirituality and who wholeheartedly pray for them and are willing to spend hours outside of the classroom on their own time to help in any way, then PCS is definitely what you are looking for.  The entire faculty at PCS has done nothing but go above and beyond any expectation I could fathom by doing exactly all these things.  These teachers and faculty have prayed with me and for me.  They have sat for hours after school has ended to help me when I was struggling.  They effectively weave the Word of God throughout all their lessons and encourage open discussion while always bringing it back to the Bible.  They take a real and personal interest in their students’ lives with godly love and compassion and push their students to strive for godliness and success.


So tell me now, what type of school are you looking for?  Or rather, what impact are you looking to make in your children’s lives?  (Proverbs 22:6)


Mr. Ellenwood's Bible class. It's one of the most memorable of classes that I can recall from high school. The day before a test there'd be a game for bonus points on the test. Hunting through an entire book of the Bible to look for a phrase to double your bonus points. And tons of memory verses. These are all things I recall from Bible class, but they're not the most important things I remember from that class. The truths taught and lessons learned help cement a foundation started at home and in church, but at PCS I was given the opportunity every day to be challenged from God's Word. Participating in Bible Quiz team gave me the chance to memorize portions of the Bible that I still remember today.

The truths taught by Mr. E were not just limited to an hour long class. He made sure they were carried over onto the soccer field and the basketball court. A Biblical education has been important on so many levels. Scripture memorization has helped not me not just spiritually, but also in my work life as I often have to memorize speeches and presentations. The encouragement to think critically about what we learn and not just accept it at face value has helped confirm my beliefs, but also shown me how to be a better analytical thinker.

While English, biology and algebra are the standard by which most academics are measured, it's the studies in Scripture that have had the longest lasting impact on my life beyond school.